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Localization Editing

I understand how hard it can be to convey your ideas in a second or third language, especially one learned in adulthood. I offer localization editing services to help Japanese speaking writers and translators convey ideas as clearly as possible in US English.

What exactly is localization editing?

Localization editing is a service where an editor checks translations or second-language writing for errors and adjusts the sentences so that they sound more natural to readers from the writer's target region. This goes a step beyond copyediting and proofreading by looking not only at the mechanics of the writing but also its cultural aspects.

I provide localization editing services to multi-language writers who wish to reach an audience of US-based English speakers. **Note that this is not a translation service. I am only able to work with documents that are already written in English.

During a Basic Localization Edit, I will look at the following:

  • Errors. Everything included in a standard copyedit (e.g. checking for punctuation and spelling errors, typos, etc. Take a look at the Copyediting page for more details.)

  • Vocabulary. Are the words used in the project the words most locals would use in a similar situation? Is the vocabulary formal enough? Casual enough? Do the words used suit the intended audience?

  • Structure. Are the sentences structured in a way that will feel organic to locals? Do they flow logically and naturally within the paragraphs?

  • Culture. Does the writing unwittingly commit any cultural taboos? Are there any accidental insensitivities or biases? Will pop culture references or jokes make sense to locals?

  • Meaning. Do the sentences mean what the writer/translator intended? Are there any unintended ways to interpret the writing?


For an Advanced Localization Edit, I will do everything in the Basic Localization Edit, plus I will compare the English version and Japanese version of your document to ensure that the meaning has been accurately preserved between versions.

What's included in a localization edit?

Every localization edit will include the following:

  1. The edited document, including my tracked changes.

  2. A clean version of the edited document with all changes accepted.


The localization edit also includes one hour of Q&A with me, where I will answer any of your questions about the changes I made on your document. The Q&A can be done over email, video chat, social media message, or even in person if you are located in the Kanagawa or greater Tokyo area.

How much does it cost?

Basic Localization Edit: $0.03–$0.05 per word (¥3–¥5 per word)

Advanced Localization Edit: $0.04–$0.09 per word (¥4–¥9 per word)


Pricing depends on the complexity of the document. Click the button below for a personalized quote.

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