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Reader Reaction

You’ve written your book, revised it, and gone through big-picture edits both by yourself and with a trusted critique partner. Now you need somebody to read it fresh so that you know how your audience will react to the story, that way you can head into your last rounds of revision with confidence.
What exactly is a Reader Reaction?

It’s just like it sounds! I read through your novel as if it’s already published, and I react to what I read.

(In other words, I beta read your book!)

Here’s how it works:

  1. You send me a copy of your finished manuscript, along with five questions you’d like me to answer about it.

  2. I read your manuscript from a reader’s perspective (although I can never completely turn the inner editor off).

  3. As I read, I write comments directly on your manuscript with my various reactions, predictions, and questions. (Things like “😭😭😭😭😭” or “Oooh, I bet this guy’s the murderer” or “If she’s a dragon, why doesn’t she just fly away?”)

  4. When I’m finished reading, I take a look at the five questions you sent and type up answers to them.

  5. I add your questions and answers to a short (usually two or three pages) reader report, where I also summarize my overall impressions, likes, and dislikes about your book.

  6. I send your manuscript with comments and the reader report back for your perusal.

  7. If you’d like, you can purchase extra questions or schedule a live chat with me for an additional fee.


A reader reaction does not include:

  • corrections to grammar, punctuation, or spelling

  • suggestions for sentence flow, clarity, or conciseness

  • evaluations of each big-picture aspect of your story


If you’re looking for any of these, check out my other services instead.

Why do you charge for this? Can't I get a beta reader instead for free?

You’re right. You can get a beta reader for free, and if you have a group of wonderful beta readers who give excellent feedback at no charge, then that’s wonderful! I’m not here to pressure you into purchasing this service if you don’t need it.

I charge for Reader Reactions because frankly, they’re work. I have to think critically about what I like or don’t like about a manuscript, leave comments on it, type up a report, and finish all of it by a certain date. I wouldn’t do any of this if I were reading the same book for pleasure, so I charge. It's totally okay if this service isn't for you! I have other services that may better suit your needs.


Here’s why a Reader Reaction might be for you:

  • You’re having a hard time finding beta readers.

  • You have beta readers, but they don’t give much feedback beyond “I liked it.”

  • You struggle to get your beta readers to return their feedback on time, or to even finish reading your book in the first place.

  • You want a more analytical/editorial edge to the feedback you get.

  • You just want some guaranteed feedback from someone who understands your book’s genre.


If any of these sound like you, then a Reader Reaction may be the right fit!

Are there any genres you don't read?

Thanks for asking! Having a reader who’s familiar with and enjoys your book’s genre is extremely important to getting the most useful feedback. Here’s what I don’t typically read:

  • contemporary romance

  • historical fiction

  • horror

  • thrillers/suspense

  • sick lit

  • erotica

  • picture books


If you don’t see your book’s genre listed here, it’s probably safe, but do feel free to send an email including a short synopsis (three paragraphs max) and a genre description. I’ll let you know if it’s a good fit for me!

How much does it cost?

$35 flat fee + $0.0028 per word

(That’s $35 + $140 for a 50,000-word novel—$175 total)

Additional question packs (5 questions per pack) available for $20 each.

Live consultation (via video or chat) available for $30 per hour.

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