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Service Flow

Never worked with a professional editor before, or want to know more about exactly how we'll work together? This is how it works from start to finish!
Step 1: First Contact
  • You send me an email or message on social media, or get in touch via the contact form on this site.

  • I'll usually get back to you within two business days. (Find my business days on the Contact page!)

  • In my reply, I'll ask some questions about your project, like its genre and word count, how long you've been working on it, etc. I'll also request a sample of 3,000 words. If you want to skip the back and forth email phase, you can get straight down to business with this form.

Step 2: Mutual Assessment
  • For all services aside from Editorial Evaluation, I’ll do a free, no obligation sample edit of 500 words, which allows me to evaluate your project more accurately.

  • (For Editorial Evaluation, I can't do a sample edit because I need to see the entire manuscript. I do have a sample available to view, though, so don't hesitate to ask!)

  • I'll send the sample edit and quote to you. You'll take a look at these and decide if my editing style meshes with your vision. If you're happy and want to proceed, we'll move to the next step.

Step 3: Contract
  • I'll ask for some details I need to draw up our contract, such as your contact and payment information.

  • You'll look over the contract and ask any questions or negotiate any terms you'd like.

  • When we've come to a mutual agreement on all of the contract terms, we'll both sign.

Step 4: Work Begins
  • On the date we agreed on in Step 3, you'll send over your project. (Don't worry about forgetting—I'll send a reminder two business days in advance.) 

  • I'll quickly check the project to make sure everything is accounted for. If it seems like something may be missing, I'll get in touch.

  • If nothing appears to be missing, I'll get started on your edits.

Step 5: Edits
  • I'll keep in touch during the editing process, both to ask the occasional question and to keep you up to date on my progress.

  • You can find out more about my editing process on the service page and in the blog.

  • By the deadline we agreed upon in Step 3, I'll finish your edits.

Step 6: Wrap Up
  • I'll deliver your finished edits.

  • You'll look over the edits and prepare a list of questions for our optional follow-up session, which we can do via email, video chat, text, or the communication method of your choice.

  • I may ask for a testimonial and/or permission to use one page of your work for a before and after demonstration to future clients. This is totally optional and I won't be mad if you say no!

  • We’re done! Thank you for working with me!

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