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Meet the Editor

Hi! I'm Toni, and I'll be your editor.
Editor Toni Suzuki sits at her work desk.

Here's where the editing happens. 


I consider myself a kind, but real editor. I’m going to fix any mistakes I find because that’s my job, but I’m going to be nice while I do it. I love getting down into the basic mechanics that make every word and sentence come together smoothly. It’s amazing how a few tiny tweaks can improve the reading experience so much—that’s what drew me to the editing profession in the first place.

You won’t find prescriptivist “you must not split infinitives”-style editing here. I have more of a light hand—I don’t like fixing things that aren’t actually broken. That being said, some things can be improved even if they aren’t actually mistakes, and that’s what the commenting function is for. I want your writing to be the best it can be while still being uniquely yours, and everything I do works towards that goal!


I have a BA in English (Creative Writing emphasis) from Western Washington University. I also have a Certificate in Editing from the University of Washington. You can bet I’ve done a lot of writing and editing for both of these certifications, so I can empathize with your writing process while still keeping my editor’s hat on.

I make keeping up to date with the industry my priority, so I constantly read writing craft and editing books, seek advice from more experienced editors, listen to podcasts, take courses, and otherwise continue my education so that I can provide the best services possible.

You can learn more about my education and editorial experience, including past and present clients, on my LinkedIn page.

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I’m a native Pacific Northwesterner (Washington State, to be exact) who lives in Kanagawa, Japan with my husband and Shetland sheepdog. When I’m not editing, I’m reading novels or manga, playing video games, bullet journaling, or going on walks through whatever nature I can find. I have a major sweet tooth and the biggest soft spot for puppies.


Think we'll make a good fit? Get in touch via the contact form or via email:, or check out my list of services via the button below:

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