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Whether you're struggling to start your revisions, get your story details organized, or be sure your book's finally ready to publish, I can help you out. Here's how we can work together:


You want to improve the big-picture parts of your story (like character arcs, plot, pacing, etc.) in the next draft of your novel, but you're not even sure where to begin with revisions. You're feeling a bit lost and a tad discouraged, or maybe you're even losing some confidence in your writing chops. Honestly, you're about ready to throw the whole thing in the garbage.

Get your confidence back with an evaluation that highlights both the strengths and weaknesses in your novel. You'll walk away with a clear vision of how to improve your story, plus you'll know what you already did right and what you're going to do with your revisions next.

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(for books up to 100k words)

Your story notes are scattered in haphazard piles, and it's a struggle to find the info you're looking for in all that randomness. You constantly forget the names and vocabulary words you worked so hard to create during your worldbuilding, and you're worried readers will notice and complain.

Get all your story details organized into one handy searchable digital document. Stop spending hours rereading just to find one sentence from three books ago—spend just a few seconds looking it up and use all that time you saved to finish writing the next book in your series!

You want your readers to have the best possible reading experience you can give them. You want to do all your hard work justice and finish strong with a professionally polished book that gives readers an escape from their daily lives.

So get rid of the pesky typos and continuity errors that keep your readers stuck in the real world. Get your book so clean that readers forget about the words and live in the story for a while. And most of all, be even more proud of the awesome book you're about to publish, and confident that the first review won't be "I found 5 typos on the first page."

$0.02–$0.04 per word

(Or $150 for a single-chapter copyedit.)

Don't see what you're looking for? I still might be able to help!  Send an email to, and we'll see what we can do.

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