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Privacy Policy


Last Updated: 6/30/2023 (Jump to changelog.)

This privacy policy describes the information I (Toni Suzuki) collect from you when you use the website (, sign up for my email list (the Story Sanctum), or purchase a service. This privacy policy also explains the website’s use of cookies.

Please note that by using this website, by signing up for my email list, or by purchasing a service, you are agreeing to the collection and use of the information outlined in this privacy policy.

If you disagree with anything in this privacy policy, then you must not use the website, sign up to my email list, or purchase any services. If you have any questions, you can contact me via email here.

What Information I Collect

I collect various types of information depending on how you use the website, whether or not you join my email list, and whether or not you purchase a service. I do not knowingly collect information from minors—if you are under 18, please show a guardian this privacy policy and ask them to contact me in your place.

When you visit

  • Your device’s IP address.

  • Your approximate location at the time that you access the website.

  • How much time you spend on the website.

  • How you navigate through the website—which page you start on, which pages you go to after that, etc.

  • Which exterior website you came from before accessing the website, in general terms (Google search, social media site, etc.).

  • What general type of device you used to access the website (computer, tablet, smartphone).

The above information is collected via cookies. More about cookies later in this policy, or jump there now.

When you fill out a form on

  • Your name.

  • Your email address.

  • Any information you voluntarily provide in the form, such as details about yourself or your novel.

The above information is collected via the contact forms throughout the website, all of which are hosted by Wix (see their privacy policy here). If you do not fill any of these forms, then this information will not be collected.

When you purchase services:

  • Your full name.

  • Your email address.

  • An alternate form of contact of your choice (phone number, social media account handles, etc.)

  • Your entire manuscript.

  • Your payment details (via Square or Wise, depending on your preferred payment method.)

The above information is collected either via email or via a third-party service (in the case of payment information). Click on the names of the third parties I work with above to see their privacy policies. If you do not purchase a service from me, then this information will not be collected.

When you join my email list:

  • Your name.

  • Your email address.

  • Any information you voluntarily provide in email replies or when participating in polls or surveys.

This information is collected via MailerLite. (Find their privacy policy here.) If you do not sign up to join my email list, then this information will not be collected.

How I Use Collected Information

I use your information in various ways:

  • For analytics and marketing, so I can make the website a more efficient, useful place for you to visit and help you find the services you need.

  • To provide editorial services to you and to be paid for those services.

  • To answer your questions and messages.

  • To send my email newsletter.

Sharing of Information

As a general rule, I won’t share your information with anyone else unless I have your explicit written permission. However, there are some cases where I may have to share your information whether I have your permission or not:

  • If I’m ever audited by the IRS, I may have to share invoicing information.

  • If you or I am ever subject to a criminal investigation, I may have to share information with the authorities as required by law.

  • When you join my email list or use a third-party payment method, some of your information will be shared with those parties to allow you to use those services. By joining or signing up, you are giving permission to share this information.

  • If you purchase a service from me and I become so unwell that I cannot contact you directly, your name and email address will be provided to a proxy who will contact you in my place.

I keep potential tax audit information for 7 years. After that, if you would like your information deleted from my records, you may email me directly. You may request to have any other information deleted at any time via email. For information you’ve given to a third party in order to use my services, please see their individual privacy policies and contact them directly for information removal.

Information Security

I have security measures in place—such as two-factor authentication and virus protection—to keep your information safe. However, there’s no such thing as 100% security when it comes to the internet. My website, my computer, or one of the third-party services I partner with could be hacked at any time despite our best efforts to stay safe. Therefore, I cannot be held responsible if your information is intercepted or stolen from my records without my knowledge or consent.


What are cookies?

Cookies are little files that websites save to your device in order to deliver a smoother, more tailored experience to you the next time you visit those websites. They can do things like make websites load faster, show you your preferred content, remember your username and/or password for you, and target advertisements. Cookies even make it possible for the Back button to work normally!

Why does this site use cookies?

There are three types of cookies used on, and they are for security, functionality, and analytics. The security and functionality cookies keep the website safe and in good working condition while letting you use it smoothly, and the analytics cookies help me see how you use the site so that I can make it more effective for you.

All the cookies currently in use at are provided via the website host Wix. You can find their cookie policy here.

If you want to deny the use of cookies from this website (or others), please find and adjust the cookie settings in your internet browser.

How do I change my cookie settings?

Here are some articles on how to adjust these settings in the most popular browsers. (Note that the following links will take you away from and that I am not responsible for the content on the linked pages.)



Microsoft Edge

Safari (iOS)

Safari (OS X)

Finally, if you'd like to opt out of all analytics cookies from all sites that use Google Analytics, you can do so at this link, which will take you to download an add-on from Google themselves.


This privacy policy will change in the future as the website and services change, so you agree to return to this page occasionally to check for updates. Below, you’ll find a changelog detailing all the adjustments made to this page over time.

Last Updated: 6/30/2023


6/30/2023: Added clarification on the type of information gathered via Mailerlite.

8/9/2022: Page created.

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