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2021 Editing Wrap-Up & Winter Break

Happy end-of-year!

I did an editing stats post last year (you can read it here if you’re interested), and I enjoyed compiling the numbers so much that I figured I’d make it an annual tradition, so here we are again! Read on to find out how my editing year has gone, and scroll down to the bottom of the post for an announcement about my winter break this year.

Editing Stats 2021

Total Number of Editing Projects

30, which comes to about…

5,823 pages, or

1,369,247 words (approx. using ~50 avg. words per page for manga).

Number of Edits Made

21,751 changes tracked.

6,770 comments written.

Projects by Genre & Type

Light Novels: 21

Manga: 7

Novels: 1

Short Story Compilations: 1

Contemporary: 1

Fantasy: 24

Literary: 1

Paranormal: 2

Sci-Fi: 1

The Year Wrapped Up

2021 was a good year for the editing desk! I added two new services to my offerings, and I managed to land another publisher client, which was excellent. I also joined some new editors’ groups and sat in on some really great webinars.

I have to admit that I struggled with social media around the middle of the year, but I started using Tailwind to schedule posts, and it has been an absolute lifesaver.

I had also hoped to work with more indie authors this year, and while I did get one indie client, I had wanted a few more than that. It looks like I need to study up some more on marketing.

Looking Forward

As 2022 looms in the not-so-far distance, I’m looking at what I want to do for my business in the new year.

Once again, I’m hoping to connect with more indie authors. I really love how strong the independent publishing path has become in recent years, and I want to help indie authors put out the best possible books to their audiences.

I also want to work on making my social media a more well-oiled machine. It’s definitely the first thing that gets dropped when work gets busy, so I’d like to have a strategy going that allows me to keep the posts coming even when I’m focusing on other things.

Winter Break Announcement

My winter break is going to be a little bit later this year! I will be taking time off from January 20 through February 6 (Japan Standard Time).

Winter break is always my longest break of the year, and I usually use it to catch up on some shows, read, play games, spend time with family (pandemic allowing), and get my end-of-year deep clean done. But this time around, I’m actually moving house at the end of January, so I’ll be packing, cleaning, and unpacking instead. During that time, I’ll be totally off work, meaning I won’t be checking emails and I won’t be doing any editing. I think I have a social media post or two scheduled to go up, but I’m going to try to be offline as much as possible.

Fear not, though! I’ll be back fresh in February, and I’ll respond to all your emails immediately upon my return.

I hope you have a wonderful end of the year, happy holidays, and a Happy New Year! See you in 2022!


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