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Edits by Toni: Reboot

Hello, and welcome to the new site!

I knew when I set up my website in 2020 that it was temporary, that I just needed to put something online so that I had somewhere to direct potential clients. I’m not particularly design-minded, being a words person, so I put together something functional that would serve until my editing business started being lucrative.

A year later, I finally felt comfortable enough with my income to hire a designer to help me out with branding! I worked with Rachel at Positively Magical, and she gave me a gorgeous logo, plus colors, fonts, and a bunch of other goodies to make my site and social media look cohesive and put together. I’m so happy with everything she came up with, and beyond that, it has made my social media marketing so, so much easier. I don’t have to wonder which colors go together well or try out a bunch of different font combinations until I find ones that actually work. I’ve got design elements premade, and all I have to do is swap around my text. So much easier!

Along with the site’s facelift, you might have noticed that I’ve added a couple of new services since your last visit. That’s right, there’s now two additional ways I can help you out with your novel! Both involve taking a step back from the details and looking at your entire book overall. In an Editorial Evaluation, I keep my editor’s hat on and evaluate all the big-picture aspects of your novel, from plot to characters to its suitability for your ideal audience. You can take a more in-depth look at the service here. And in a Reader Reaction, I read your book as if I had bought it at a bookstore and give my reactions along the way. (Along with a bit of editorial feedback, because I just can’t shut off the editor brain.) You can find out more about that service here.

You also may have noticed that I renamed my other services—Detail Debug for copyediting and Last Look for proofreading. This is experimental, so I may switch everything back later, but here’s the thought process behind these changes: Just about every editor has a slightly different definition of what copyediting and proofreading look like. This causes a lot of confusion, especially among newer indie authors, because it can be hard to understand exactly what each service is. By renaming my services, I hope that rather than being caught up in the names, potential clients will read the descriptions and compare their needs to what the services entail. This way, everyone’s clear on my definition of my services rather than what they expect my services to be. What do you think? Do you find this helpful, or does it just add to the confusion of hiring an editor? I’ll test it out for a while and see how it goes!

One more fun feature I added is on the contact page: A clock that displays the current time in Japan! This allows both clients and colleagues to quickly check whether I’m actively in the office or not. I think a lot of people are daunted by the time difference, but I’m quite used to it. I have a publisher client in New York, my therapist in Texas, one of my best friends in Arizona, and the majority of my family in Washington and Oregon. I’m no stranger to doing the mental time zone math, but I wanted to make it as easy as possible for others.

Anyway, I’m so excited to get this new website launched and available to you. Please have a poke around and see what’s changed! I’m a little behind on the blog, but rest assured that a bunch of posts are waiting in the wings, outlined but not yet typed up. Now that the website’s done, hopefully I can get back to my regular posting schedule.

Thanks so much for coming to visit, and of course, if you need your novel edited, feel free to get in touch!


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