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Mockup of the DIY Story Bible User Guide cover displayed on a laptop.

DIY Story Bible Template (Microsoft Word Version)


The same template I start with when I make custom story bibles for authors, now for you to swipe and use for your own series!


Get all your story details organized into one searchable document, so you don't have to read and reread your entire book series over every time you need to remember a certain piece of info. No more piles of haphazard story notes! No more clogged-up brain! No more missing stickies! And most importantly? No more forgetting any of the important stuff in your series.


The DIY story bible template includes sections for:

  • book stats
  • characters
  • locations
  • organizations
  • race/clade
  • bestiary
  • systems/beliefs/laws/rules
  • vocabulary
  • timeline
  • chapter summaries


Not Microsoft Word savvy? Never fear! The template comes with a comprehensive user guide that explains everything you might need, from how to fill out various sections of the template to how to color code to how to make your own custom dictionary. Some sections even include video instructions! And there's even an example filled-out story bible to use as a reference if you prefer to just jump right in.


Never forget a story detail again. Get your story bible template and get organized!

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