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Checklist: Are you ready to hire a copyeditor for your novel?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

**Update July 2021: As an experiment, I've changed the names of my services! You can still get copyediting, it's just called Detail Debug now.

You know you need a copyeditor for your novel. The problem is you’re not sure if you’re ready for one yet. I made this handy checklist to help you decide. (Learn more about copyediting on this page, and check out these blog posts for even more info.)

If you can check off at least 7 out of 9 of the boxes in this list, then your novel is probably ready for copyediting.

◻ I wrote a novel.

◻ My novel is complete from start to finish. (Meaning there are no missing scenes or chapters, descriptions to fill in, characters to give names to, etc.)

◻ I’ve revised this draft myself at least once. (Though twice or more is ideal.)

◻ I’ve worked with critique partners/beta readers/a developmental editor, and I’ve incorporated their feedback.

◻ I don’t plan to make any more major changes to the plot, characters, setting, or overall structure of the novel.

◻ I’ve fixed as many errors as I can find myself.

◻ I have done my research on copyediting, and I know what it is and what to expect from my editor.

◻ I’ve thought about my budget. I’ve even saved some money to hire an editor.

◻ I am mentally ready to do more hard work on this book.

So how’d you do?

At least 7: You’re probably ready for copyediting. It’s time to start your search for an editor!

4 to 6: You’re really close! Take a look at the items you haven’t checked and see if you can do any of them. Then start searching for your editor.

Less than 4: You might be putting your cart before your horse a bit. I recommend spending a little bit more time working on your manuscript before you start searching for an editor.

Want a printable PDF of this checklist? Download it here! (477 Kb)


Still not sure if you’re ready to hire a copyeditor? Feel free to get in touch, and I’ll see what I can do to help!


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