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Revisions don't have to be confusing or painful.

I help fantasy and sci-fi authors like you revise your novel with purpose and confidence, that way your final draft will draw readers into your story and turn them into lifelong fans. 

Editorial Evaluation

Get category-specific assessments on every aspect of your draft, that way you know what’s already publication-ready and what needs a bit more work.

And I won’t just tell you what’s wrong with your book and leave you hanging, either. With each evaluation, you’ll get a personalized recommendation of what’s next for your novel, plus five additional questions of your choice, so I can make sure we’re tackling everything that’s holding you back.

Having trouble with your revisions? I've got a free guide for you!

Whether you're just gearing up to start the second draft or muddling through the tiniest details in the almost-final draft, this guide can help you make sure you're on the right track. It takes you through the entire revision process step by step, from first reread to final detail polish. Use it as a guide as you begin your revision journey or as a checklist to make sure you didn't miss any steps. You've got this!

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About the Editor

Hey, I’m Toni, editor of all books fantasy and sci-fi, whether you’re writing for middle grade, young adult, new adult, or adult audiences.

When I discovered that only 20% of those who finish writing the first draft of a novel eventually go on to publish, I knew I could help. I’ve been stuck in revisionland many times before—it’s not a fun place to be! But kind, insightful, and personalized feedback was always the key to getting me through my second drafts and beyond, and that’s what I strive to provide to the authors I work with.

If you want to know more about my editing philosophy, my credentials and experience, or about me in general, head over to the Meet the Editor page. All my social media is linked there as well.

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Wow, Toni! What you said really made me think and reconsider my approach for my manuscript. Your honesty and kind words were impactful to me. I felt really optimistic about your suggestions!

Jomarie Acosta

fantasy writer

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