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SALE: Get 20% off new services!

It’s here, folks. We’ve reached the last three months of the year! For the final stretch of 2021, I’m offering 20% off my Editorial Evaluation and Reader Reaction services if you book for October, November, or December.

Only the first 3 people to get in touch will lock in this sale price!

These services are focused on the wider, big-picture aspects of your novel rather than the details I usually focus on, and are meant to help you with your next round of revisions. So if you need an outside perspective so you can start the new year with a new take on your novel, book now! For a 50,000-word draft, you could save over $50, depending on the service.

How do I take advantage of this offer?

  • Send an email to

  • In your email, tell me you’re interested in the sale and which service you’d like to book. Also give me some info about your draft—genre, word count, ideal audience, and whatever else you’d like to share.

  • I’ll respond with my availability, and once you pick a date, your 20% off sale price is locked in!


Can you tell me a little more about these services?

You can get the most detail from the Reader Reaction and Editorial Evaluation service pages, but here’s the sticker version:

In an Editorial Evaluation, I read through your draft with an editor’s eye to help guide you on your next revision. Recommended for people who are new to revising and don’t know what to do with their story, have been revising for a while but feel stuck about what to change next, or have been getting confusing feedback from others and want a more professional perspective.

In a Reader Reaction, I read through your draft as if I’d bought your book at the store and give my real reactions to it. Recommended for people who are having trouble finding reliable beta readers or want more of an editorial edge to their reader feedback.

What slots are available?

My last available slot for this sale price starts December 1. You can book for any time between now and then!

Are there any genres you don’t edit?

At the moment, I don’t work on erotica, horror, realistic historical (historical fantasy and steampunk are fine!) or heavily religious fiction. I also don’t work on picture books.

Do you edit comics/graphic novels?

I do! And I’d love to work on yours! My pricing structure differs just a bit for comics and graphic novels, though, so feel free to get in touch for a custom quote!

And as always, feel free to direct any questions to my email. No obligation to book!


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